Propper Washer Disinfector Test Soil


Propper Washer Disinfector Test Soil is an essential part in your cleaning efficacy protocol, use to confirm the efficacy of your washer-disinfector weekly, quarterly or after routine maintenance.

  • Use to confirm your washer-disinfector is effectively cleaning instruments
  • Designed to mimic soiling on medical devices
  • Use periodically and after maintenance or installation of machinery
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Product: Propper Washer-Disinfector Test Soil

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Propper Washer-Disinfector Test Soil provides an easy way to determine if your washer-disinfector is functioning properly.

Propper Test Soil is designed to mimic the most difficult to clean residues and body fluids that can be found on medical devices with typical use. The test soil presents the cleaning equipment with a physical challenge such as the cleaning efficacy test described in ISO/TS 15883-5.

To use, simply mix water with ink to create a soil/paste. Spread the paste throughout the chamber and allow to dry for 30 minutes. Run cycle as normal and visually inspect for any remaining residue in the chamber.


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