Scientific Research and Biotechnology

Propper Manufacturing brings the precision, reliability, and reproducibility required for laboratory testing. We understand the importance of high-quality equipment and appreciate the need for consistent performance demanded by those that are on the forefront of scientific development.

Whether you are curing diseases or diagnosing them, Propper products give you the confidence you need to safely move forward in your most critical experiments.

Sterilizer Testing and Indicators

A variety of tests are recommended for use for confirmation of adequate sterilizer capability, AAMI ST-79:2017.

Propper manufactures a full line of sterility assurance products for steam and ethylene oxide sterilization. From daily testing to load monitoring, we have indicators and packaging products to suit all your lab’s needs.

Microscopy & Glassware

Propper offers a variety of glassware products including glass beads, microscope slides and covers, which are manufactured from the highest-quality glass available to achieve the lowest surface defects on the market.

Sterilization Testing

Microscope Slides

Propper Manufacturing’s microscope slides are made of first-quality water-white glass and are excellent for use with blood smears or in routine microscopy.

Sterilization Testing

Solid Glass Beads

Propper Manufacturing’s solid glass beads are designed to reduce bumping during boiling, refluxing and other distillation operations.

Sterilization Testing

Sterilization Pouches

Sterilization pouches provide confirmation that a pack has gone through the sterilization process, distinguishing between processed and unprocessed packs.


Propper Manufacturing

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