OK-Sonic™ Ultrasonic Bath Monitor


OK-Sonic™ Ultrasonic Bath Monitor evaluates the efficacy of your ultrasonic bath at installation and with each cycle.

  • Confirms the mechanical action of ultrasonic waves and cavitation throughout the tank
  • Multi-parameter test: Checks time, temperature, transducers, cavitation, and detergent
  • Sensitive to enzymatic and alkaline detergent presence
  • Evaluates the ultrasonic bath’s ability to remove soil on reusable medical devices effectively
Product: OK-Sonic™ Ultrasonic Bath Monitor - 100 per Pack

OK-Sonic™ Ultrasonic Bath Monitor - 100 per Pack

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OK-Sonic™ Ultrasonic Bath Monitor has two blue protein-based soil spots on a plastic substrate. The soil spots do not contain any natural blood and have no risk of contaminating the cleaning chamber and its contents. The soil mixture contains organic proteins, lipids, and polysaccharides that mimic the soil. Which are typically present on medical instruments and devices after use with patients and in laboratory settings.

Ultrasonic baths use high-frequency pressure ultrasonic (sound) waves to induce cavitation bubbles. The cavitation bubbles implode and agitate the liquid, removing any soil.

When OK-Sonic™ is placed in an ultrasonic cleaner, the blue soil dissolves slowly by cavitation, removing soil in the cleaning bath. The presence of detergent and the pre-soaking phase expedite this process. When exposed to sufficient cleaning cycle parameters, the soil spots wash off entirely from the substrate. Use OK-Sonic™ with the OK-Sonic™/ WD chex™ Monitor Holder, which acts as a process challenge device. The Holder covers the indicator soil on one side of the monitor while fully exposing the other soil spot. The covered soil simulates challenging conditions for cleaning. This includes instrument hinges, cavities, and instruments layered on top of one another in the bath. The open soil area simulates areas fully exposed to cleaning cycle parameters inside an ultrasonic cleaner basket.

OK-Sonic™ Ultrasonic Bath Monitor is a vital part of your cleaning assurance program. OK-Sonic™ is suitable for hospital and industrial ultrasonic cleaners.


Use it with the reusable OK-Sonic™/ WD chex™ Monitor Holder
The holder acts as a process challenge device, which covers the indicator soil on one side of the monitor while leaving the other soil spot fully exposed.


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