Animal Health & Veterinary Supplies

Propper Manufacturing Animal Health & Veterinary Supplies allows animal hospitals and clinics to confidently know they are using the highest-quality materials to protect our most at-risk furry patients.

Veterinarians, Veterinary Technologists, and Technicians understand that sterilization processes are crucial for maintaining a clean and safe environment for animals and preventing the spread of infections. Propper products support the veterinary performance of invasive and non-invasive procedures and diagnostic testing.

Sterilization Monitoring for Veterinary Health

Washer-disinfector, ultrasonic cleaners, and autoclaves are necessary for any setting performing invasive procedures. They are a powerful and effective way to clean, disinfect, and sterilize equipment, supplies, and other materials used in veterinary clinics and hospitals. Therefore, all facilities performing invasive procedures must understand how to monitor them. Our biological indicators verify that the sterilization cycle parameters were sufficient to kill the test microorganisms. Alongside Propper’s cleaning monitors for washer-disinfectors and ultrasonic baths, you can be confident you’re keeping your patients safe during procedures.

Sterilization Chemical Indicators

The design of chemical indicators ensures that surgical instruments and other medical equipment have been properly sterilized and are safe to use on animals. They change colors to indicate whether the sterilization process, such as temperature, time, and exposure to steam, has been successful.

Propper Manufacturing’s different chemical indicators are available for use in the sterilization process, including external and internal indicators. Our selection of indicator tapes and self-adhesive process dots identifies steam-sterilized packs. In contrast, our internal sterilization strips are placed inside the sterilization packaging and provide information on the conditions inside the package during the sterilization process.

Animal Diagnostics and Testing

Each patient that presents to an Animal Health provider is a new mystery to be solved. An integral tool for Veterinarians and their staff to evaluate patients presenting with gastrointestinal bleeding is Fecal Occult Blood Testing (FOBT). This test can help diagnose various conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, parasites, tumors, or injuries to the digestive tract.

Blood in a stool sample can be tough to notice visually; doctors or other care providers can easily detect this unseen blood in a stool sample using a Fecal Occult Blood Test like Seracult® and Seracult® Plus.

Simply collect the stool sample, apply it to the Seracult® Slide, and apply the developer to the back of the slide. In seconds, results will appear, and if blood is present, the solution will turn blue on the slide.

Seracult® and Seracult® Plus are the field-leading diagnostic tools for identifying fecal occult blood in stool samples. Available for single or serial testing. For more information on Seracult® and Seracult® Plus.

Veterinary Medicine

Seracult® & Seracult® Plus

Seracult® and Seracult® Plus are easy-to-use qualitative guaiac fecal occult blood tests that aid in diagnosing colorectal cancer.

Veterinary Medicine

OK-Sonic™ UltraSonic Bath Monitor

OK-Sonic™ UltraSonic Bath Monitor measures cavitation, time, and temperature to monitor cleaning in the ultrasonic bath effectively.

Veterinary Medicine

OK® Chemical Indicator Strips

OK® Chemical Indicator Strips monitor all critical sterilization parameters for your steam sterilization load between 250°F and 273°F.


Culture Service Program

Biological Monitoring

Propper Manufacturing offers a convenient and secure Culture Service Program for Biological Monitoring. Our program provides timely and accurate results delivered straight to your online account, available 24/7. With our easy-to-use program, you can confidently monitor your sterilization process and ensure the safety of your patients and staff.

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