Terms & Conditions

To place an order:

  • Call Customer Service: (718) 392-6650, Option 1
  • By Fax: (718) 482-8909
  • By Mail:
Propper Manufacturing Company Co., Inc.
Attn: Customer Service,
36-04 Skillman Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101


On-Line Terms of Sale:

  • F.O.B. Propper Factory, Long Island City, NY 11101.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • Cancellations cannot be accepted for merchandise that has already been shipped.
  • Once shipped, all merchandise is subject to the Return Goods Policy.
  • All shortages of material shipped by Propper must be reported in writing within 7 days from the date of delivery. After 7 days there will be no credit issued or request for a replacement shipment honored.
  • Items shipped in error / incorrect items received instead of ordered items must be processed in accordance with the Return Goods Policy. Upon return of merchandise, full credit will be given.


Return Goods Policy:

Return Goods Policy: Requests for returns must be made within 60 days of the invoice date and must include the following:

  • The Propper Invoice Number and Invoice Date.
  • The Propper Product Reorder Number and Description.
  • The Quantity and Unit of Measure. The Purchase Order Number.
  • The specific reason for the return.

If the return is authorized, Propper will issue an RGA and:

  • The RGA# must appear on all documentation, shipper cartons, and labels.
  • The product must be returned to Propper within 15 days of the issuance of the RGA.
  • Note: If the product is not returned within the specified time period, the RGA will be cancelled.

Once returned, the product will be inspected and IF ACCEPTED, a credit will be issued but fees (based on the Originally Invoiced Amount) will apply as follows:

  • 20% if product is returned in Salable Condition and NO Repacking is required.
  • 40% if product is returned in Salable Condition but Repackaging is required.
  • Note: Adjustments may be made to the credit if it is determined that Rebates have been processed for the item being returned.

The following items are not acceptable for return:

Any Discontinued products, Products in Obsolete Packaging, Special Order Items (including Private Label), Broken Cases, Items beyond their expiration date, and Diagnostic Blades and Handles that have been sterilized.

Defective merchandise is subject to Propper’s Warranty and Limitation of Liability Statement. Full credit/replacement will be made on all verified claims.