Steam Sterilization

Propper Manufacturing high-quality line of sterilization products gives hospitals, clinics, and allied health organizations the advantage of consistency across the sterilization process.

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Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

Ethylene Oxide sterilization remains a dependable choice for sterilizing medical devices and instruments in healthcare and laboratory settings. EO provides an effective, low-temperature alternative to steam sterilization, ensuring efficient and validated cycles.

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Steri-Wrap® Unite™ 60 SMS Wrap

Steri-Wrap® Unite™ 60 SMS Sterilization Wraps allow effective sterilant penetration and maintain the sterility of reusable devices during handling and storage.

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Why Integrating Indicators are Essential for Effective Sterilization Monitoring

Effective sterilization is essential in every clinical environment, and several tools exist to guarantee the sterility of medical equipment. Autoclave tape is a commonly used tool to indicate the sterilization status of packages. However, more than relying solely on autoclave tape to cut costs and save time is required to validate a successful sterilization cycle or guarantee the sterility of package contents. To ensure proper sterilization monitoring, it is necessary to integrate indicators like Type 5 integrating indicators. These additional indicators play a vital role in verifying the effectiveness of sterilization processes.  Read More


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The Propper Advantage

A leading company in the healthcare manufacturing sector dedicated to providing a diverse range of products designed to meet your specific sterilization needs. Our extensive product catalog offers comprehensive solutions tailored to various requirements, from packaging and record-keeping solutions like heat-sealable Chex-All® Sterilization Tubes to steam-based sterilization products like Once-A-Day® Ecos™. With our commitment to delivering high-quality and reliable products, we strive to support and enhance your sterilization practices in the healthcare industry.


Private Labeling Services

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Propper’s innovative OEM solutions are trusted by some of the largest brands in the healthcare industry. Our experienced teams collaborate with you to create products that are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and ISO & FDA compliant.

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The Propper Academy

ON DEMAND: Small Business, Big Impact: Panel Discussion

The hustle and bustle of the Sterile Processing department is the sound of patient safety. What happens when we bring the noise to the outside of the department walls? Join us as we shine a light on entrepreneurship in the Sterile Processing space. This dynamic speaker’s panel will discuss how they are carrying the patient safety message in their businesses and what inspired them to do so. These frontline and tenure SP professionals opted to take their 9 to 5 shifts and add more hours to their passions. All major companies have started from somewhere. Come look at this wave of Sterile Processing business owners as they take their small businesses to make a big impact on our industry.

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