Dental and Endodontic

Propper Manufacturing is the leading provider of high-quality sterilization assurance products for dental professionals nationwide. Our products meet all federal standards and the guidelines set by the American Dental Association, ensuring top-notch quality and safety.

Infection prevention is a critical aspect of dental practices, and maintaining a dependable sterilization process is key to keeping patients safe and preventing cross-contamination during procedures.

At Propper Manufacturing, we understand the importance of running a smooth dental practice while prioritizing patient health. That’s why we specialize in manufacturing cost-effective sterilization products tailored to your needs.

Chemical and Biological Indicators

For reliable confirmation that your autoclave is functioning correctly and your instruments are sterile, chemical and biological indicators are essential. Explore our comprehensive range of chemical and biological indicators designed to meet the specific requirements of your dental team.

Culture Service Program

Our convenient Culture Service Program lets you focus on your patients while we process your biological indicator tests. Test results will be easily accessible on our website within days of receiving your processed indicator.

Sterilizer Packaging

Propper offers complete sterilizer packaging solutions, including wraps, pouches, sterilizer bags, and tape. Our sterilizer packaging products are designed to maintain the integrity of sterilized instruments throughout storage and transportation.

By choosing Propper Manufacturing for your sterilization assurance needs, you can trust that you’re investing in top-quality products that prioritize patient safety and adhere to industry standards. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive range of sterilization solutions.

Dental and Endodontic

Vapor Line® Steam Sterilization Integrators

Vapor Line® Steam Sterilization Integrator is a type 5 chemical indicator for monitoring essential conditions of steam sterilization.

Dental and Endodontic

Test Pack and Culture Service

Biological Test Pack and Culture Service Program for use in daily or weekly monitoring of steam, ethylene oxide or dry heat sterilizers.

Dental and Endodontic

OK-Sonic™ Ultrasonic Bath Monitor

OK-Sonic™ Ultrasonic Bath Monitor measures cavitation, time, and temperature to effectively monitor cleaning in the ultrasonic bath.

Dental and Endodontic

Cleaning Verification

Infection prevention

If you’re looking for effective infection prevention strategies, it’s essential to prioritize cleaning verification for your medical equipment. Properly functioning your ultrasonic bath or washer-disinfector is at the heart of any successful cleaning and disinfection program. Without proper cleaning, sterilization cannot occur.

At Propper Manufacturing Company, we specialize in providing high-quality cleaning verification solutions to help you maintain the highest levels of infection prevention. Our advanced equipment and comprehensive testing protocols ensure that your ultrasonic bath or washer-disinfector operates optimally, providing a clean and sterile environment for your patients and staff.

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