Dental and Endodontic

Propper Manufacturing provides the highest-quality sterilization assurance products to dental professionals nationwide. Our products, of course, meet all federal standards and those outlined by the American Dental Association.

An effective infection prevention protocol is essential for every dental practice. Dependable methods to monitor sterilization keep your patients safe and avoid cross-contamination during dental procedures.

To keep your dental practice running smoothly and your patients infection-free, we manufacture cost-effective products for all of your sterilization needs.

Chemical and Biological Indicators

There is only one way to know that your autoclave is functioning properly and your instruments are sterile, and that is by using chemical and biological indicators. Propper offers a wide array of chemical and biological indicators to meet the needs of your team.

Culture Service Program

Our Culture Service program allows you to focus on your patients while we process your biological indicator tests. Test results are easily accessible on our website within days of receiving your processed indicator.

Sterilizer Packaging

From wraps and pouches to sterilizer bags and tape, Propper offers a full line of sterilizer packaging.

Dental and Endodontic

Vapor Line® Steam Sterilization Integrators

Vapor Line® Chemical Integrator is a type 5 chemical indicator for monitoring essential conditions of steam sterilization.

Dental and Endodontic

Test Pack Culture Service

Biological Test Pack and Culture Service Program for use in daily or weekly monitoring of steam, ethylene oxide or dry heat sterilizers.

Dental and Endodontic


OK-Sonic™ UltraSonic Bath Monitor measures cavitation, time, and temperature to effectively monitor cleaning in the ultrasonic bath.

Dental and Endodontic

Cleaning Verification

Infection prevention

If it is not clean, it cannot be sterile. Ensuring your ultrasonic bath or washer-disinfector is working properly is an essential part of infection prevention.

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