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Propper Manufacturing’s biological monitoring service provides our diverse clientele with the security of knowing that their patients and staff are safe. Our highly resistant dual-species bacterial spores provide the most reliable method of testing to confirm an effective sterilization cycle.

Propper makes the process simple. After your sterilization cycle is complete, place the provided spore strip in the provided envelope. Fill out ALL the requested information and mail it back to us with the provided pre-paid stamp. Your mail-in spore test results will be available 24-48 hours after we receive them. Propper biological spores are compatible with dry heat, ethylene oxide, and steam.

Propper Manufacturing understands the importance of receiving your tests quickly. We have a quick notification process to make sure you are aware of your results regardless of the outcome. A positive test result will trigger a phone call immediately with your test result and recommendations on how to proceed. Regardless of the result, an e-mail notification will be sent. A link to login will be provided to view a history of all your results as needed.

The test results are stored online on our secure and confidential website database, with options to print or have your test results re-emailed.

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Biological Test Pack and Culture Service Program

Biological Test Pack and Culture Service Program for use in daily or weekly monitoring of steam, ethylene oxide or dry heat sterilizers.

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Duo-Spore® Biological Indicator Test With Culture Service

Duo-Spore® Biological Indicator Test for weekly or daily sterilizer monitoring and for load monitoring during sterilization.

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