Propper Washer-Disinfector Test Soil Kit


Propper Washer-Disinfector Test Soil Kit is an essential part of your cleaning efficacy protocol, used to confirm the efficacy of your washer-disinfector weekly, quarterly, or after routine maintenance.

  • Use to confirm your washer-disinfector is effectively cleaning instruments
  • Designed to mimic soiling on medical devices
  • Use periodically and after maintenance or installation of machinery
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Product: Propper Washer-Disinfector Test Soil Kit

Propper Washer-Disinfector Test Soil - Box of 6

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Propper Washer-Disinfector Test Soil Kit provides an easy way to determine if your washer-disinfector is functioning properly.

Propper Washer-Disinfector Test Soil mimics the most difficult-to-clean microscopic residue and body fluids that occurs naturally during the use of medical instruments, laboratory glassware, and other materials. The test soil presents the cleaning equipment with a physical challenge, such as the cleaning efficacy test described in ISO 15883-5.

Add water using the supplied measuring cup and 7-8 drops of black dye. Apply the paste liberally to the surface to be tested, and allow 30-60 minutes of dry time. Process the soiled test piece using routine washer-disinfector procedures, and inspect for residual soil.


WD chex™ Washer-Disinfector Monitor
To confirm your washer-disinfector’s efficacy with each load.

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