BI-O.K.™ Self-Contained Ethylene Oxide Biological Indicator Vials


BI-O.K.™ Ethylene Oxide Biological Indicator Vials are self-contained biological indicators for monitoring ethylene oxide (EO|EtO) sterilization. The vials consist of a durable polycarbonate vial with a cap, a crushable glass ampoule with Tryptic Soy Broth, and a disc inoculated with Bacillus atrophaeus spores.

  • Results are available after 48-hour incubation at 37°C
  • Yellow-colored media indicate fail (growth) test results after incubation
  • Vial Labels feature a process indicator and an area to record load information
  • Conform to ISO 11138-1: 2017; ISO 11138-2: 2017
  • 24-month shelf life
Product: BI-O.K.™ Gas Vials - Ethylene Oxide Biological Indicator

BI-O.K.® Gas Vials - Ethylene Oxide Biological Indicator Vials - 100 per box

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BI-O.K.™ Ethylene Oxide Biological Indicator vials are easy to use. Simply place one vial in each sterilization load in a pack or test pack. Upon completion of the EO cycle, activate the vial by crushing the glass ampoule with the provided vial activator. This releases the spores into the nutrient media, initiating the incubation process.

After incubation at 37°C for 48 hours, the media’s color change indicates whether the cycle was effective. If the media remains red, indicating the absence of spore growth, the sterilization process was successful. However, if the media turns yellow, it signifies spore growth, indicating a sterilization cycle failure.

 BI-O.K.™ vials adhere to stringent quality standards and are rigorously tested to ensure their reliability in detecting even the most challenging microorganisms.

BI-O.K.™ Ethylene Oxide Biological Indicator Vials Features and Benefits
  • Self-contained design for convenient operation
  • Robust polycarbonate vial for durability
  • Visual spore detection for straightforward interpretation
  • Easy-to-use vial activator for efficient activation
  • 37°C incubation temperature for optimal spore growth assessment
  • Distinct test results with visible color change: red indicates a passed cycle, yellow indicates a failed cycle. Be sure to reprocess these instruments before using them.

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