Gas-Chex® EO Sterilization Indicators


Gas-Chex® EO Sterilization Indicators Strips monitor the critical parameters of ethylene oxide (EO|EtO) sterilization.

  • Chemical Indicator Strips for ethylene oxide (EO|EtO) sterilization for use inside every pack, pouch, tray, or other containment device.
  • Distinct red-to-green color change that will not revert
  • Responsive to all critical parameters of EO sterilization (temperature, gas concentration, humidity, and time).


Gas-Chex® EO Indicator Strips monitor gas concentration and exposure and are especially suitable for checking for adequate humidity during the cycle. In the absence of humidity, the color change to green will not occur, even if the other exposure conditions were adequate.

The word “gas” on the indicator strip changes from red to green to indicate that it is safe to move forward. GREEN MEANS GO!

Product: short Gas-Chex® EO Sterilization Indicators

Gas-Chex® 4" Strips - Ethylene Oxide Type 5

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Gas-Chex® EO Sterilization Indicators Strips are an internal pack monitor that provides an immediate visual method of monitoring all warm and cool cycles of 100% ethylene oxide (EO, EtO) and EO/HCFC (ethylene oxide / hydrochlorofluorocarbon) gas mixture sterilization processes. They are independent monitors of critical parameters for the following sterilization cycles: (temperature, gas concentration, humidity, and time)

37°C   736 mg/L   ≥35%        3 hours
37°C   759 mg/L   ≥35%        3 hours
38°C   736 mg/L   40-80%   4.5 hours
38°C   759 mg/L   40-80%   4.5 hours
55°C   736 mg/L   ≥35%        1 hour
55°C   759 mg/L   ≥35%        1 hour
55°C   600 mg/L   60%          4 hours

How to Use Gas-Chex® EO Sterilization Indicators

(See the IFU for full details on how to use the product.)

Place a Gas-Chex® EO Indicator strip into each pack, pouch, tray, or other containment device. After processing, when the sterile presentation is made, examine the Gas-Chex® mark; it must be green. Brown color or the original red unchanged indicates under processing, do not use the pack’s contents. Return for reprocessing and determine the cause of the failure.

Store unprocessed Gas-Chex® EO Indicator Strips between 15°C/59°F−30°C/86°F and <60% relative humidity. When stored as indicated, this product has 36 months shelf life from the date of manufacture. For record-keeping purposes, use the same storage conditions and protect from light.


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