Once-A-Day® Bowie-Dick Test Sheets

Once-A-Day® Bowie-Dick Test Sheets are designed for use in traditional AAMI towel-packs to ensure your sterilizer is functioning properly each day.

  • Individual Bowie-Dick test sheet
  • Designed for use with towel-pack
  • Distinct White to Black color change
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Once-a-Day® Bowie-Dick Test Sheets to be used in a standard Bowie-Dick towel pack as described in ANSI/AAMI ST79.

Bowie-Dick tests provide a challenge for pre-vacuum sterilizers at the start of each day, or after routine or other maintenance.

  • For use in pre-vacuum steam sterilizers at 270-276°F
  • 9 x 12 Bowie-Dick Test Sheets
  • Detect air leaks and verifies that the sterilizer effectively removes air from the sterilization chamber
  • Indicator can be kept as a record of testing
  • Distinct White to Black color change

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