Bowie-Dick Test Pack: Once-A-Day® Test-Pak™


Once-A-Day® Bowie-Dick Test Pak™ is a traditional pre-assembled white-to-black color changing Bowie-Dick test.

  • Pre-assembled disposable Bowie-Dick test pack
  • Distinct white-to-black color change
  • External process indicator helps distinguish exposed pack
Product: Once-A-Day® Test-Pak™ Bowie-Dick Test Pack

Once-A-Day® Bowie Dick Test Pack - Steam - 30 test packs per Case

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Once-A-Day® Test-Pak™ is a pre-assembled, disposable Bowie-Dick test pack. Features traditional white-to-black color change. Used to ensure adequate air removal in dynamic-air-removal-steam sterilizers.

The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) recommends using Bowie-Dick Tests to qualify sterilizer performance when first installed, anytime it is moved, and following a major repair. This requires three consecutive test cycles with passing results. Bowie-Dick Tests are also used each day the sterilizer is in operation, and only one passing test cycle is required for routine monitoring. 

Bowie-Dick test packs provide a challenge for pre-vacuum sterilizers (270-276°F) at the start of each day, or after routine or other maintenance.  Place the test pack in an otherwise empty sterilizer, near the drain.

Once-A-Day® Test-Pak™ consists of a series of air removal and steam penetration barriers and a chemical indicator at the center of each pack. Once-A-Day® features a process indicator on the outermost barrier (box) to differentiate quickly between processed and unprocessed test packs. Use to detect low temperature/pressure conditions, wet & superheated steam.

Features & Benefits:
    • Pre-assembled single-use pack eliminates the need to assemble a test pack.
    • Distinct color change (white to black) indicates effective steam penetration.
    • Write load information directly onto the test sheet after processing to simply record keeping.
    • Lot Number and Expiration Date printed on each pack to increase traceability.

Storage Conditions: 15°-32°C (59°-90°F) 30-70% Relative Humidity

Once-A-Day® Test-Pak™ Bowie-Dick Test Pack is compliant with AAMI / ISO 11140-1:2010, Class 2
AAMI / ISO 11140-5:2007

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