Biological Test Pack and Culture Service Program


Biological Test Pack and Culture Service Program for daily or weekly monitoring of steam, ethylene oxide, or dry heat sterilizers.

Easy-to-use mail-in service verifies and documents sterilizer performance (steam, dry heat, and EtO). Test Pack is placed in a loaded sterilization chamber and processed, then mailed via prepaid return envelope.

  • Biological indicator test pack for use in clinical and non-clinical offices
  • Test pack for steam and ethylene oxide sterilization
  • Return processed indicators to Propper for results after 48 hour incubation period through our online portal
Product: Biological Test Pack and Culture Service Program

Propper Biological Test Pack and Culture Service Program - Steam and EO - 10 tests per box

Biological Test Pack and Culture Service Program
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Mail-In Biological Indicator Test Pack and Culture Service Program makes biological monitoring easy for small medical, dental, and non-clinical offices.  Propper Mail-In Biological Indicator includes 10 pre-assembled biological indicator test packs. Return processed strips after processing to Propper Manufacturing Company for quick processing and results posted on our easy-to-use website.

In the event of a Failed test, a representative from Propper will reach out to you to inform you of your result.

Results are available after 48 hour incubation period. We will notify you in the event of a positive (failed test) as early as 24 hours after incubation.

Mail-In Biological Indicator results can be found in our secure online portal.


Features and Benefits

  • Fast: 48-hour lab turnaround time
  • Simple: place one pre-assembled test pack in your sterilizer for daily or weekly testing
  • Reliable: spore testing is one of the most dependable methods to monitor sterilization
  • Convenient: this is a complete system that is ready to use. Biological indicators in preassembled test packs and a business reply return envelope with a Sterilization Report Form are provided for efficient sample handling. There is no additional equipment to buy.
  • Versatile: the test pack can monitor Steam, Dry Heat, and Ethylene Oxide
  • Documented: We store all results on our secure website, and you can print them for your records or reference past tests at any time.


Duo-Spore® Biological Indicator Test With Culture Service
A weekly or daily sterilizer monitoring and load monitoring during sterilization


Important Update for 2024: Our Duo-Spore® Biological Indicators will now feature white translucent glassine paper instead of blue. This change is thoroughly tested and doesn’t affect functionality. The transition will happen in the coming months and will have no impact on your processes, delivery, or storage conditions.


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