Twindicator® Perforated Steam Sterilization Strips


Twindicator® Perforated Steam Sterilization Strips monitor the critical parameters of steam sterilization in steam sterilizers between 250°F-273°F.

  • Type 4 Chemical Indicator
  • Distinct white to black color change
  • Internal pack indicator
  • The strip is perforated use full or half-length depending on pack size
Product: Twindicator ® 8" Chemical Indicator Strip

Twindicator ® 8" Chemical Indicator Strip - Steam Type 4 Perforated Indicator - 250Bx

26510400_Twindicator Steam Sterilization Strips
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Use Twindicator® Perforated Steam Indicator Strips to monitor steam sterilization cycles at 250°F(121°C) and 273°F (134°C).  Place Twindicator® inside of pouches, trays or other packages.  Use as a full length 8″ strip or half length 4″ strip depending on pack size.

Use ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140 1:2014 Type 4 Chemical Indicators to determine that all critical parameters, time, temperature and saturation of steam.

Twindicator® indicators feature an easy-to-read single strip across the indicator with an off-white to dark brown/black color change after exposure to an effective steam cycle.


Vapor Line Type 5 Integrator



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