Steri-Wrap® II: Single Use Non-Woven Fabric for O.R. and C.S.R. wrapping applications


Steri-Wrap® II is a medium-weight wrap designed for greater drapeability in steam and ethylene oxide sterilization cycles.

  • Cellulose based wrap for steam and EO sterilization
  • Efficient microbial barrier, high-level of protection against fluids and particles
  • Highly permeable meaning no wet packs
  • Variety of strength of fabric to meet your needs
Product: Steri-Wrap® II- 15 x 15" Wrap

Steri-Wrap® II -15 x 15"-1000 per case

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Product: Steri-Wrap® II- 24 x 24" Wrap

Steri-Wrap® II -24 x 24"-500 per case

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Product: Steri-Wrap® II- 30 x 30" Wrap

Steri-Wrap® II -30 x 30"- 400 per case

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Product: Steri-Wrap® II- 36 x 36" Wrap

Steri-Wrap® II -36 x 36"-200 per case

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Product: Steri-Wrap® II- 54 x 54" Wrap

Steri-Wrap® II -54 x 54"-100 per case

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Steri-Wrap® cellulose-based sterilization wrap is available in three grades to keep your packages safe and secure during the sterilization process. Steri-Wrap® II is a a medium-weight wrap, featuring excellent drapeability, making it ideal for delicate or hard to wrap items. All grades of Steri-Wrap® are virtually lint-free with tightly anchored fibers and are reversible with excellent liquid repellency. Steri-Wrap® can be used in steam or ethylene oxide sterilization, making it a versatile and reliable choice for your sterilization needs.

Use Steri-Wrap® Cellulose Based Sterilization Wrap to sterilize packages in steam or EO.

How to Use Steri-Wrap® II
  1. Choose the right size. Sterilize your items safely by ensuring that the wrap is large enough to fit without stretching or tearing.

  2. Lay out the wrap on a clean, flat surface. Ensure the wrap is free of tears or other damage that could compromise its effectiveness.

  3. Place the item in the center of the wrap.

  4. Fold the wrap around the item. There are two common folding methods: the envelope fold and the parallel fold.

  5. Secure the wrap with sterilization tape. Apply the tape firmly to all edges and seams to create a tight seal.

  6. Place the wrapped item in the sterilizer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to choose and run the correct sterilization cycle.

Proper use of sterilization wrap is crucial for maintaining sterility and preventing the spread of infections.

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