Biological Test Pack and Culture Service Program


$144.97 $100.00

Biological Test Pack and Culture Service Program for use in daily or weekly monitoring of steam, ethylene oxide or dry heat sterilizers.

  • Biological indicator test pack for use in clinical and non-clinical offices
  • Test pack for steam and ethylene oxide sterilization
  • Return processed indicators to Propper for results after 48 hour incubation period through our online portal
Product: Propper Biological Test Pack and Culture Service Program

10 tests per box

$144.97 $100.00
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Propper Biological Indicator Test Pack and Culture Service Program makes biological monitoring easy for small medical, dental and non-clinical offices. Included are 10 pre-assembled biological indicator test packs, which after processing can be returned to Propper Manufacturing Company for quick processing and results posted on our easy-to-use website.

In the event of a Failed test, a representative from Propper will reach out to you to inform you of your result.

Results are available after 48 hour incubation period. You will be notified of a positive (failed test) as early as 24 hours after incubation.

Lab results can be found in our secure online portal.


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