BI-O.K.® Plasma Self-Contained Biological Indicator

BI-O.K.® Plasma Biological Indicators are self-contained biological indicators for use in hydrogen peroxide sterilization.

  • Biological indicator for vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VH2O2) sterilizers
  • Provides results based on actual spore growth with standard 24 hour incubation time
  • Label has process indicator with areas to write sterilization information on. The label is detachable and can be retained for record keeping after sterilization

Not for sale in the USA.

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BI-O.K.® Plasma Self-Contained Biological Indicators are intended for use in routine monitoring of VH2O2 sterilizer cycles with or without a plasma phase.

BI-O.K.® Plasma Indicators use Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores (1.5-5.0 x 106) and improved culture media for ease-of-use and higher level of assurance of a biological indicator result. The label contains a process indicator and can be written on for record keeping purposes and vial identification. Process Indicator changes from pink to yellow after exposure to hydrogen peroxide.

Incubation can be performed in Propper Incubator or in any other incubator suitable for standard size vials. Incubation temperature is 55-60°C, color change examination is visual.

Bacterial growth manifests itself by change of medium color to yellow. It indicates sterilization failure. A red/orange color of the medium after incubation signifies no spore growth and adequate sterilization conditions.

ISO 11138-1:2017


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