A Better Sterile Processing Continuing Education

Are Sterile Processing Continuing Education Courses Causing Nothing but Growing Pains?

Since HSPA first offered a sterile processing certification, the delivery to professionals of less-than-exhilarating topics for continuing education, including “Containers: The Forgotten Medical Device,” “Water Quality and Its Impact on the Decontamination Process,” and “A Focus on Chemical Indicators.” My first contribution to Sterile Processing Continuing Education at Propper Academy was “A Focus on Chemical Indicators.” It is not to say these heavily fact-based topics do not have a place in professional development. But, it is time to ask MORE from the vast community of educators in our field.

Continuing Education a Necessary Evil or a Blessing In Disguise?

Currently, only five states require formal sterile processing education and certification. As certification requirements grow, the need for continuing education to support certification renewal increases. Challenging device educators to provide engaging, accessible content to their students. Education is about more than checking a box on a recertification form. While we always need to stay current with the latest science in infection prevention, learning “soft skills” is also essential for professional development.

In between true crime podcasts and making mental to-do lists of everything we need to get done at home, there is space to learn about a new topic beyond the facts of sterile processing. Most of all, we need to hear from new voices uniquely representing the industry.

There have already been significant advances to sterile processing education, from the virtual HSPA Annual Meeting and Expos to podcasts offering continuing education credits. As educators, we must continue to innovate, and sterile processing professionals must demand continuous improvements and compelling content.

Sterile Processing Education Innovation in 2021

With that, I offer you some of my favorite educational programs that were introduced in 2021. Stay tuned for our favorite educational programs that were introduced in 2022!


Best New Educational Series
Lindsay Brown, Beyond Clean
60 Second Growth Spurt – Your Greatest Professional Strength

Best Social Education
ClubHouse Sterile Processing Group
Hosted by: Johanne Benoit, Sarah B. Cruz, Jake McHugh, and Rebecca Peplau

Most Innovative Conference Theme
Women’s Voices in Sterile Processing – Hosted August 2021 by the Central California Chapter of IAHCSMM – Continuing Education Credits Granted

Best New Podcast
Sterile MD Hosted by Alessandra Nicholson

Best Collaboration
Opinion vs. Fact: A Cross-Company Educator Panel Discussion – Continuing Education Credits Available
Propper Academy
Healthmark Education
Key Surgical

Sterile processing professionals need to demand more out of their Sterile Processing Continuing Education courses.

Until Next Time,
Jamie Shelosky
VP of Marketing and Education