OK Sterilizer Bags


Medical grade paper bags to keep small instruments and implants safe through steam sterilization cycles

  • All-paper, high-quality gusseted sterilization bags
  • An ideal alternative to pouches or to contain small instruments or implants inside a container
  • Features pre-printed process indicator
Product: OK ® Sterilizers Bags - 2.5 x 1.5 x 8"

1 Case of 1000

02100200 OK Sterilizer Bag
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Product: OK ® Sterilizer Bags - 2.5 x 1.5 x 10"

1 Case of 1000

02100300 OK Sterilizer Bag
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Product: OK ® Sterilizer Bags - 5.375 x 1.5 x 12"

1 Case of 1000

02101100 OK Sterilizer Bag
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OK Sterilizer Bags are 100% medical-grade paper, an alternative to our Chex-All Sterilization pouches or tubes which can be used inside or outside of other packaging. OK Sterilizer Bags feature pre-printed indicators and a designated area to cycle information which allows for easy identification of packs that have been through a steam cycle.

Bags are easily secured by folding over the top edge a number of times and then sealing with autoclave tape. Bags maintain integrity even in the case of wet steam.

  • All-paper design allows for adequate air removal steam penetration and drying while simultaneously providing a sterile barrier
  • Pre-printed process indicator for easy visualization and confirmation of exposure to steam
  • All sizes feature a gusset which allows bulky objects to be placed safely in the bag
  • Single-use only
  • Recommended for use when plastic-paper pouches are not appropriate AAMI ST-79:2018
  • Conforms to: ISO 11607 and EN868 – 5


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