Propper Hi-Dry® Adhesive Strip

Propper Hi-Dry® Adhesive Strip measures the critical parameters of dry heat sterilization.

  • Type 4 Chemical Indicator for Dry Heat sterilization
  • Distinct light blue to brown color change will not revert
  • Adhesive on back layer allows for easy attachment to packages and record keeping documents. Monitors the critical parameters of sterilization: time and temperature
  • For use in every package in every load

Not for Sale in the USA.

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Propper’s Hi-Dri® adhesive sterilization indicator is suitable for 180°C-60 min Dry heat cycles. Strips can adhere to the surface of sterilization containment devices and be easily removed and kept for records. The adhesive layer on back splits into two parts, one attaches on inside or outside of sterilization container and the other peels to easily attach to record keeping documents. They feature an easy to read light blue to brown color change. The indicator ink is lead-and chromium free and stable after processing.

ISO 11140-1:2014, Type 4

Propper Hi-Dri® Dry Heat Adhesive Strip 3.2 cm X 2cm
SKU: 26101800
1 Pack of 250



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