HT™ Helix Bowie-Dick Test

HT™ Helix Bowie-Dick Test verifies steam sterilization cycles efficacy each day.

  • Helix type Bowie & Dick Test for pre-vacuum steam sterilizers. Test parameters – 134°C for 3.5 minutes
  • Stable white to black color change is easy to read. Ink stability allows to keep processed strips for records for years
  • Multi-use test device lasts at least 250 cycles

Not for sale in USA.

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Propper HT™ Helix Bowie & Dick Test Kit has been designed as per ISO 11140-4 requirements to verify pre-vacuum steam sterilizer performance according to EN 285. The kit contains one reusable Helix-type device and 250 strips with typical for Bowie & Dick test sheets ink pattern. The device is re-usable, so it allows to reduce cost of testing while guarantee test performance. The device body is made of plastic which is safer to handle after high temperature processing. Distinct color change from off-white to black allows for easy result interpretation. Color change allows easily detect fail conditions such as presence of air and low temperature. Stable non-reverting ink guarantees record keeping for 25 years. ISO 11140-1:2014, Class 2, ISO 11140-4:2007.

Propper HT Helix Bowie-Dick Test Kit
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1 Box of 250

Propper HT Helix Process Challenge Device and strips
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Propper HT Helix Device and strips
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1 Device and 1 Box of 250 Strips