Emu-Chex™ Steam Indicators

  • ISO 11140-1:2014 Type 6 Chemical Indicator Strip made with organic non-metal ink
  • For gravity and pre-vacuum Steam Sterilizers operating at 134°C for 3.5 min and 121°C for 15 min
  • Lamination guarantee better integrity in wet cycles

Not for sale in USA.


Propper Emu-Chex™ Type 6 Indicators for Steam Sterilization are designed to precisely monitor critical sterilization parameters -time, temperature, and presence of steam. Lamination allow for a better durability and to withstand wet cycles. After sterilization, indicators can be stored for record-keeping for years. The indicator is made with eco- and user-friendly organic ink. The color change is from green to brown. Any inclusions of blue or green color on brown, or overall dark green color signifies sterilization failure. The indicator conforms to ISO 1140-1:2014, Type 6.

Emu-Chex™ 134°C,5 min- 121°C, 15Min
SKU: 26612100
1 Pack of 250

Emu-Chex™ Type 6 134°C, 7 min – 121°C, 20Min
SKU: 26612200
1 Pack of 250

Not for sale in the USA.