Emu-Chex™ Adhesive Steam Indicators

Emu-Chex™ Adhesive Steam Indicators are for use in cycle monitoring for steam sterilizers.

  • ISO 11140-1:2014 Type 6 Chemical Indicator Strip
  • For Steam Sterilizers operating at 134°C for 3.5 min
  • Adhesive on back layer allows for easy attachment to sterilization packages and record keeping documents

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Propper Emu-Check™ Adhesive Type 6 Indicators for Steam Sterilization are designed to precisely monitor critical sterilization parameters -time, temperature, and presence of steam. After sterilization, indicators can adhere to paper in record-keeping journals. The adhesive layer on indicator back has two parts, and if necessary, the indicator can also be attached to sterilization containment devices and easily removed after cycle for examination and record keeping. The indicator features an easy to read yellow to black color change. The indicator conforms to ISO 1140-1:2014, Type 6.

Emu-Chex™ Adhesive Steam Indicators 134°C-3.5 min
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1 Pack of 250

Emu-Chex™ Adhesive Type 6 Indicator 33×40 mm
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1 Pack of 250