Animal Health & Veterinary Medicine

Animals deserve the same high-quality products as humans do to protect them from bacterial infections, which can be caused by unsanitary products.

Propper Manufacturing produces high-quality veterinary supplies to keep all our your furry and feathered friends of all sizes safe while they are in your care.

From ensuring that your sterilizer is working properly to cleaning verification and load monitoring, Propper offers cost effective solutions for all sterility assurance needs.

Sterilization Indicators and Packaging

To help keep your patients safe and infection free, you need an effective cleaning and sterilization protocol. Each set of instruments used for basic procedures and complex surgeries requires effective packaging and chemical and biological indicators to confirm their sterility, all of which are manufactured by Propper.

Veterinary Diagnostics and Testing

Seracult® Fecal Occult Blood Testing

Seracult® is a field-leading diagnostic tool for identifying fecal occult blood in stool samples. With triple and single slide options, we have a solution for routine testing and your most high-risk patients.

Veterinary Medicine

Seracult® & Seracult® Plus

Seracult® and Seracult® Plus are easy-to-use qualitative guaiac fecal occult blood tests that aid in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

Veterinary Medicine


OK™ Sonic Ultrasonic indicator measures cavitation, time and temperature to effectively monitor cleaning in the ultrasonic bath.

Veterinary Medicine

OK® Chemical Indicator Strips

OK® Chemical Indicator Strips monitor all critical sterilization parameters for your steam sterilization load between 250°F – 273°F.


Culture Service Program

Biological Monitoring

Our program provides result delivery with the security and convenience of an online account, 24/7.

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