Happy Central Sterile Week!

A Word from Our Quality Control Team

A Quality Control department ensures industry standards and regulatory requirements are satisfied, which is essential for any healthcare manufacturer. Propper Manufacturing’s Quality Control team is constantly improving products at all stages, including manufacturing, packaging, and overall use of the product. The team is composed of proactive product engineers that prevent and manage issues that may arise in the field.

Our Quality Control team conducts special testing for all of our products, when needed. One of the biggest product categories that undergoes special testing are products that contain reactive ink, including chemical indicators. We test these products to ensure the correct color change takes place at the correct time. For process indicators, we also test for adhesive strength. Overall, our Quality Control team spearheads product improvements while maintaining the highest quality for our customers.

Pulsating News: Central Sterile Week

This week, we celebrate the outstanding accomplishments that have been achieved by central sterile staff throughout the year. Providing high quality patient care could not be possible without YOU!

Propper Manufacturing Company wants to acknowledge and thank you for all of your tireless efforts and your contributions to the healthcare community; not just today, but every day.