Mail-In vs. In-Office Spore Test Processing



Biological Monitoring and Culture Service Programs

Biological monitoring is an integral part of the sterilization process. It is the only required measure for releasing sterilization loads or determining functionality of small sterilizers. To ensure that your sterilizer is working correctly, Biological Indicators (BIs) containing a large, known quantity of highly resistant spores are tested for growth after sterilization. No growth (bacterial death) signifies a successful sterilization cycle.

The CDC recommends that biological monitoring should be performed at least weekly; or in the event of maintenance, new machinery, or new personnel. Facilities have the option to process their biological indicators in-office or have them outsourced to a professional lab, both options have their benefits and challenges.

In- Office processing:

After the sterilization cycle is complete, remove your biological indicator strip from its test pack and keep it away from dust and contamination. After the BI strip has been removed from its glassine pouch has been transferred into the media vial, position the media tube within the media rack  and incubate at the appropriate temperature for up to 5 days; the majority of all positive tests will occur within 24-48 hours.

All test results should be recorded and kept on file. A negative result (no color change in the media after processing) indicates proper sterilization. A positive result (indicated by a color change) should be reported to a supervisor and investigated. Please consult AAMI and CDC guidelines for instructions on how to proceed after a positive result.

Mail-In Processing:

If you choose to have your BIs processed by a professional lab service, like Propper Manufacturing Company, the process is much easier.  After the sterilization cycle, remove the biological indicator strips in the glassine protective film from the pre-assembled test pack. Fill out the necessary information on your sterilization report form and place the BI in the enveloped pre-addressed to Propper Manufacturing, the rest is up to us! After receival, we will process your indicators and notify you of the result on our secure database, after the 48-hour incubation period.

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Pulsating News

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