Are You Familiar With ISO?

Did you know that there is an organization which provides guidelines for manufacturers regarding the development and production of medical devices?

International Organization for Standardization or ISO, for short.  ISO is an “independent, non-governmental international organization,” which brings together experts to develop standards for all areas of medicine and medical technology.  They have created guidelines for creating products to ensure they meet the consumer’s needs.  The existence of ISO Standards, and those like them, take much of the guesswork out of considering new products. You can always be confident in the equivalence of two products, by their meeting (or not meeting) of the standards most appropriate for your field.

We always encourage our customers to pursue the best option for their department, considering ease-of-use, comfort, and experience with their products and cost, and guidelines like those provided by ISO can assist you in choosing a product that meets your needs!  Let us know if you have any questions regarding ISO compliance.

Pulsating News

Recently the Pennsylvania Department of Health has encouraged patients of a Mt. Bethel dental office to get tested for HIV, Hepatitis B, and C after the office has failed to disinfect and sterilize their instruments… since 2007.

Ineffective sterilization methods increase the risk of spreading disease, putting patients in danger. Simply not sterilizing or disinfecting instruments or devices is unacceptable.

At Propper, patient safety is our main goal…
and it should be yours too.