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Propper Manufacturing Company was founded by Seymour Schuman in 1935 as a supply company for dentist’s offices. During WWII the company expanded operations to include manufacturing field medical kits for US soldiers, neonatal supplies and diagnostic instruments. In 1968, Propper introduced the Bowie-Dick test sheet, which took the guesswork and 'blind spots' out of the towel packs that were assembled by hand. Another first, in 1982, Propper was the first company to introduce the pre-packed disposable Bowie Dick test,

Since our founding, Propper continues to keep a long standing commitment to innovation within the healthcare community. Our customers can expect us to continue our legacy of quality as demonstrated by our new generation of industry-leading sterilization monitoring products including eco-friendly, lead and heavy metal-free ink chemical indicators, Bowie & Dick test packs, reusable and disposable process challenge devices, chemical integrators that are equivalent in performance to biological monitoring systems. All of the above comply with the strictest American and European quality standards.

Propper has been an innovator in the field of Sterilization Assurance and manufactures a complete line of products to meet the compliance requirements of sterilization monitoring in any healthcare setting.

Propper is a family owned, privately held manufacturer based in Long Island City, NY. Our production is carried out on premises, together with research and development and management, giving us the ability to react quickly to customer requests and increased demand. It also gives Propper a high level of control over the manufacturing process and the quality outcome of our products.

Our Sales Team has an average of 15 years of experience and is expertly familiar with our product line and the various clinical environments in which our products are used. They are supported by our Customer Service and Marketing Teams which are experienced with GPO members, IDN decision makers, distributors and end user customers.   

To meet the demands of a changing healthcare landscape, we emphasize the development of products that meet the expectations of "right product, right cost, and right outcome". Coupled with quality products, our manufacturing capability and trained and experienced Sales & Customer Support teams make us a valuable partner in providing your patients with the proper care.

Made in USA

Propper is proud to keep our manufacturing facility based in the USA. It allows us the highest level of control over our product quality and provides an agility in our responsiveness to our customers needs by keeping communication simple and accessible.


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